• Shanghai World Expo Performing Arts Center
  • Xi'an Heaven long Antalya
  • China World Trade Center Tower 3
  • Beijing Ericsson R & D Center, Building 1
  • Beijing North Star Building
  • Beifeng C1 Building
  • New site of the Beijing TV Station
  • The Beijing Oriental MeiDeYa center
  • Beijing bar code software development and application service center
  • East-south Soubao Commercial Center
  • Beijing Wanda plaza
  • Grand MOMA

  • Embassy of the United States in People's Republic of China
  • Revolution Museum in Wuxi, Wuxi Museum and Science Museum of Wuxi
  • China Central Television Site
  • Taizhou Medical Exhibition Center

Our company is an experienced aluminum building materials manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a broad range of products, including insulation aluminum composite board, aluminum composite panel, roll coating aluminum sheet, and more.

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