In 1996, our company was established with a full set of aluminum composite panel production line.

In 1998, our annual production and product quality were greatly enhanced by technical innovation. We established our national sales, marketing, and service network as well.

In 2000, we passed ISO9001 certification. Meanwhile, our products were named as recommended products by the National Building Materials Bureau and China Mobile Communications Corporation.

In 2001, our products passed the national authoritative testing standards for products by the Chinese Association of Quality Inspection. We also won the recommended brand award from the Association of Architectural Decorations of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

In November 2002, our company became the executive director of the aluminum-plastic composite materials branch of the Chinese Building Materials Industry Association.

In 2003, we passed the ISO14001 international environment system certification. Our products were also named as green building materials by the Chinese Building Materials Association. In addition, our company was renamed Dong E Blue Sky and Seven Color Building Materials Company Ltd. at the end of this same year.

In September 2004, a new large-scale aluminum composite panel production plant was established to replace the original aluminum composite panel production line. Our products also won the best known building materials and decoration materials certificate.

In July 2005, we established two new fluorocarbon aluminum honeycomb panel production lines. These production lines enabled us to achieve an annual production of 300,000 square meters.

In September 2006, new aluminum insulation board, aluminum corrugated board production, and processing equipment were introduced. Our annual production capacity reached 100,000 square meters.

In 2007, a new large-scale fluorocarbon coating production line was established to produce ultra-wide (1.6m), extra-thick (1mm) colored fluorocarbon coated aluminum coils. Our company was also listed as a member of the Chinese Association for Quality Inspection.

In July 2008, our company established the PPG Paint Palette Center for the production of special paint colors. The speed and capacity of our raw material supply chain was also greatly enhanced.

In March 2009, our technology center, quality control center, and research and development center were established to improve product development and quality inspection.

In July 2009, our company invested in the construction of the Sichuan Innovative Building Materials Company Ltd. in Chengdu, Sichuan. This company mainly produces aluminum veneer, metal ceiling, and related products.

In January 2010, our newest aluminum plate uncoiler and straightening machine was introduced to directly cut each aluminum sheet according to the blueprint. This machine greatly improved the utilization of our aluminum sheet products and also increased the speed of our delivery.

In December 2010, our company invested 10 million CNY to update our veneer, plastic plate, and coated aluminum coil production equipment.

In May 8, 2011, to improve spraying efficiency and spraying performance we introduced our automatic rotary spraying equipment for our aluminum fluorocarbon veneer.

In May 2011, our company adopted a new slitting machine, slicing machine, and other equipment to establish production lines for ceiling products.

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