Honeycomb Core Wall Panel

Honeycomb Core Wall Panel

For the core is separated into a variety of chambers to prevent the air flow, heat transmission and sound waves, our honeycomb core wall panel features a good sound and heat insulation, and outstanding fire protection and shock resistance. Our product could reduce the sound in 100-3200HZ about 20 to 30db, while the thermal conductivity of our product is only 0.104-0.130W/MK. Meanwhile, our honeycomb panel also features a light weight. Therefore, it can be easily installed on site.

Honeycomb Core Wall Panel

As a hard light board composite material, our honeycomb core aluminum panel features a sandwich structure. Our product is made from thin aluminum plates and a relatively thickaluminum honeycomb core. Compared with traditional aluminum composite panel and aluminum plate, our honeycomb core aluminum panel is of non color variation, non-combustible and can be easily processed. The flat and elegant appearance, good adhension and weather resistance are due to the fluorocarbon roll coating front panel. Our product has been widely used in the field of aviation and aerospace since 1950s. This product is also commonly used in radome of aircraft, and also in the sandwich structure of rudder, aileron, floor, ceiling, suitcase, etc. Till now, this advanced material is widely used as interior and exterior curtain wall panels in buildings.

Our aluminum core honeycomb panel is made in an fully dust-free environment. With the advanced automatic production line, the raw materials are composited in a high-pressure and high-temperature environment. Thus our product could successfully avoid the brittleness problem of the adhesive layer. Our product will keep its properties in case of high temperature and moisture. With an excellent stiffness, stability and wind resistance, our product could have a 1/5 weight of the aluminum plate with same stiffness, while 1/10 weight of the steel panel. The total thickness of our product is 15mm, while the front panel is of 1.0mm, the bottom panel is 0.8mm. The weight is also only 6 kilograms per square meter. Our product is not easy to shear, thus it could better resist bending and compression.Therefore, it is widely used for its lightweight, high-strength, luxury appearance, environment friendly characteristics.

In addition, our product also features a good sound and heat insulation, and outstanding fire protection and shock resistance, since the honeycomb core is separated into a variety of chambers to prevent the air flow, heat transmission and sound waves. Our product could reduce 20 to 30db of the 100-3200HZ sound, while the thermal conductivity is only 0.104-0.130W/MK. Meanwhile, our honeycomb panel can be easily installed for its light weight. The size is customized in our site while the shape could be chosen from flat, arc and L-shape.

Technical Specification
1.Thickness:10mm, 15mm, 20mm,25mm, 30mm, 35mm
2.Size: 1200×2500mm or customized
3.Front panel and back panel: Made of aluminum alloy according to GB/3880-1997 standard. The thickness varies from 0.5 to 1.5mm. Coated with 25μm ± 3μm KYNAR500 fluorocarbon resin (fluorocarbon70% or more) and polyester resin. Anticorrosive pretreatment coating is applied. Meanwhile, other materials, such as stainless steel board,fireproof board, color steel, stone, can also be used with various structure and size according to your requirements.
4.Adhesion: epoxy film, polyurethane glue or imported glue.
5.Coating color: bright silver, black, white or other colors according to your requirements.
6. Packaging: Packaged with adhensive surface protection film.

Honeycomb Panel Manufacturing Equipment

Here shows the manufacturing equipment for our honeycomb panel.

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