Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Anodized Aluminum Sheet

The anodized aluminum sheet is made by electrolyzing conductive acidic electrolyte and making the aluminum surface oxidized, which allows a dense alumina protection film to form on the surface of the aluminum plate. The oxide film is transparent, colorless and has hexagonal honeycomb microcrystalline structure. As this oxidation film is not an additional layer, it will not flake. The film can maintain the natural color of aluminum which gives people a strong metallic feel, or it can colored inside the micropores to add a touch of brilliance to the curtain wall.

1. With strong pollution resistance, the anodized aluminum sheet is easy to clean and maintain. There leaves no fingerprint or corrosion pit.
2. Our product has strong weatherability. The anodized aluminum plate with 3μm thick oxide film used in indoor environments will not rust, oxidize, corrode, or change color even after being used for a long period of time. The product with 10μm thick oxide film can be used outdoors and it is nondiscoloring even after long exposure to the sunlight.
3. Anodized to have gem-grade hardness and high scratch resistance, the aluminum plate has no paint on the surface and it can maintain the metal luster. This helps offer a strong metallic feel and improve the added value of the product.
4. Made of pure metal, the anodized aluminum sheet has no paint or chemical substances on its surface. With excellent fireproofing property, it is non-combustible at high temperature of 600℃ and produces no toxic gas, which meets fire and environmental protection requirements.
5. With moderate hardness, our product can be easily bent and molded. It is suitable for high speed punching and being directly processed into products. Requiring no surface treatment, it can greatly reduce the production cycle and manufacturing cost.

The anodized aluminum plate can be used as aluminum ceiling board, curtain wall plate, fireproof panel, honeycomb panel, electric appliance panel, cupboard panel, furniture plate, and others.

Thickness: 0.4-5.0mm
Surface: Silver color, copper color, titanium silver, wire drawing, etc.
Shape: The anodized aluminum sheet can be made into different shapes according to the design drawings.

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