Painted Aluminum Sheet

Painted Aluminum Sheet

The aluminum sheet generally goes through chromizing or other pretreatment before PVDF coating. There are generally duplex coating, triplex coating, and quadruple coating. The PVDF paint coating offers great resistance to corrosion, weather, acid rain, salt mist, UV, high and low temperature, and various air pollutants. It will not pulverize or fade even after being used for a long time. It also has a long service life. High-quality PVDF paint from PPG, AKZO, NIPPON or other world famous fluorocarbon coating manufacturer is adopted to ensure the superiority of our product. We provide painted aluminum sheet in a variety of colors and products with the color required by customers can also be produced.

The PVDF spraying technique features uniform coating, bright color, and strong three-dimensional effect. The painted aluminum plate can be made into a wide variety of shapes and colors to accommodate every building decoration requirement people may have.

In addition to wall decoration, the PVDF coated aluminum sheet can be used for vehicles, furniture, balconies, partitions, interior finish, exhibition stands, instrument housing, advertising signboards, shipping tools, and others.

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Pre-painted Aluminum Panel | Decorative Aluminum Plate | Lightweight Construction Material | Aluminum Sheet for Building Decoration

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