Roll Coating Aluminum Sheet

Roll Coating Aluminum Sheet

Our roll coating aluminum sheet is made from high-strength aluminum plate, which is easy to process, lightweight, fireproof, waterproof, weather resistant and of excellent flatness. Coated by roll coating, our product can be used as architectural decoration materials. As an innovative product, our product is gradually accepted by the market in China and overseas for the good quality, cost-effective, environmental friendly and other advantages. Thanks to the advanced roll coating production line, the coating and painting are finished in one time, and the color variance can be controlled within 0.5. Therefore, our product features a uniform coating, delicate texture, various colors and good dust-resistance. It is ideal to be used in a large scale. The maximum width of our product could reach 1900mm, and the thickness is between 0.8 and 3.0mm. Thus our product can meet various needs.

Advantages of roll coating aluminum sheet over spray coating aluminum sheet
First, the chromatic aberration of our product is smaller. Since the spray coating aluminum sheet is generally made by vertical baking, the surface of aluminum sheet always stays in the temperature curve, thus the chromatic aberration of spray coating might be induced. Our product is made by horizontal baking, thus the temperature difference is smaller. Therefore, our product is free of chromatic aberration.

In addition, our product is more environmental friendly. The spray paint consumes more paint, and the utilization rate is only about 60%. Meanwhile, it consumes more water, and produces lots of emissions and pollutions. Our continuous roll coating production line features high paint utilization over 90%, the water consumption is minimized, and the exhaust gas of the baking process can be recycled and catalytic combusted to offer energy. Thus the exhaust gas is basically zero emissions.

Our roll coating aluminum sheet also owns a high degree of surface smoothness. Since roller coating will print under pressure, the coating film and the surface are non-porous and free of granular. Therefore, the surface is very smooth. Spray painting is a kind of electrostatic printing, and the whole film and the surface particles are stacked, while micropores might occur. Thus our product presents a better surface over spray printing ones.

Our company is a professional roll coating aluminum sheet manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as honeycomb core wall panel, coated aluminum sheet, metal ceilings, and coated aluminum coil.

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