Coated Marble Texture Aluminum Panel

PVDF Coating Marble Texture Aluminum Panel

Our PVDF coating marble texture aluminum panel is specially designed to follow a marble-like appearance. Thanks to the special spraying process, our product looks almost the same with ordinary marble. Moreover, the texture can be customized to meet your demands. Our product has obtained the national utility model patent certificate in 2010. Currently, it is widely used in government office buildings, commercial office buildings, hotels, stadiums, conference halls and other indoor and outdoor decorative projects.

Our PVDF coating marble texture aluminum panel also features an approximate performance with single color fluorocarbon coating products. Our product meets and exceeds the Chinese national standard GB/T 23443-2009 and international standard AAMA2605 as well as Qualicoat. With a 20 year warranty, our product could have various thicknesses, ranging in 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm,2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm and 5mm. Product with other thicknesses can be customized in advance to meet the need of various applications.

Although the PVDF marble texture coating might not reach the same performance with roll overprint and thermal transfer printing, PVDF printing, just like traditional fluorocarbon coating, features a better service time against weather changes. The service time could reach the same level with conventional fluorocarbon coating. Those products adopt roll overprint or thermal transfer printing could imitate stone or wood products better, but the coating is not long-lasting. This is because the thickness of coating is too low with polyester ink or fluorocarbon ink. Even additional coating by fluorocarbon varnish is used, the weather resistance is still insufficient for those products to be installed outdoors.

Advantages of our products over marble products

PVDF Coating Marble Texture Aluminum Panel Marble Product
Color Various color; unique texture Uneven color; defective and even monocolor
Performance Fluorocarbon paint; fadeless; easy to clean; good weather resistance Fade; might become old and dirty
Density Light weight High density; easy to fall; unsafe
Appearance Various appearance Single flat appearance
Recyclable Recyclable Non-renewable and recyclable
Chemical Properties No pollution, no smell Radioactive
Price Moderate price, cost effective Price greatly varies by color, etc.
Installation Easy installation High installation cost

Quality Inspection Report

Quality inspection report of Coated Marble Texture Aluminum Panel
NameSeven Color Coated Marble Texture Aluminum Panel
No.ItemCriterion indexValueResult
1AppearanceEvenly distributed texture in the spraying surfaceNo flawsPassed
3LustrousnessStandard Value ±5 17-20Passed
4Impact resistanceCoating does not come off under front impactNot come offPassed
5AdhesionDryCross-hatching grade 0Grade 0Passed
Boil water testingCross-hatching grade 0Grade 0Passed
6Chemical resistance Solvent ResistanceNot fade after scrub 100 times by ButanoneNot fadePassed
Nitrate resistanceColor variance △E≤5.0≤3.0Passed
Chlorhydric acid resistanceExposure 15min, no bubble and flawNo bubble and flawPassed

Color Choice

The color of our coated marble texture aluminum panel can be selected from the following colors.

Case Projects

Here shows a project using our coated marble texture aluminum panel.

As a professional coated marble texture aluminum panel manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also offers energy saving window blind, insulation aluminum composite board, aluminum composite panel, metal ceilings, and more.

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