Metal Roofing System

Aluminum Alloy Roofing System

Aluminum Alloy Roofing System

Our aluminum alloy roofing system is a very cost-effective roofing panel. It can be widely used in airport terminals, maintenance hangar, railway stations and major transport hubs, exhibition centers, stadiums, large public entertainment facilities, public service buildings, shopping malls, commercial facilities and civilian residential buildings.

The main material of our aluminum alloy roofing system is made from 3004 and 3005 aluminum alloy. The panel is formed by continuous rolling. Meanwhile, the coating process adopts advanced production lines from Taiwan, and it also invites the latest technology from United States. Our coating is achieved in an enclosed dust-free condition, and the coated aluminum coil can be directly processed into panels according to your requirement at the construction site. The installation process is simple and fast, while no extra connections are needed.

Technical Specification

Raw material Thickness
Magnesium manganese 0.7mm ~1.2mm
Stainless steel 0.4~ 0.7mm
Copper 0.6~ 0.8mm
Anodized aluminum alloy 0.7~ 1.2mm
Color steel 0.4~ 0.6mm

Our panel could maintain its integrity and own excellent waterproof performance, thus it is able to avoid potential danger caused by leakage. It could also effectively drain the water in an extreme weather condition. In addition, our product also has excellent wind resistance. When seamed, it could also eliminate the stress generated by thermal expansion and contraction, and no deformation will occur. Our aluminum alloy roofing system varies in a lot of appearances, such as flat shaped plate, fan shaped plate, positive bending plate, the fan bending plate, etc. Those various shapes could help designers to develop their minds. Beside the aluminum surface, our system also offers other special surface treatment, such as PVDF fluorocarbon coating and a standard stucco pattern surface. Colors can also be selected to meet your need.

Our aluminum alloy roofing system features a connection-free and screw-free appearance. Thus the building could maintain a beautiful appearance with our product. Meanwhile, no chemical caulking is used. So our product could effectively prevent the aging and pollution problems. Our product adopts a ventilation and moisture-proof design. Moreover, it can be bent to inner arc and outer arc to fit various conditions. It can also be used in a roof where the slope is smaller than 1.5 . The simple installation makes you feel much more convenient, and our product does not require maintenance. Finally, sound-absorbing layer can also be installed with our product.

1. Standard roofing system;
2. Multifunctional roofing system;
3. Large-span roofing system;
4. Double roofing system.

Cases of Metal Roof System

Here lists some cases of our metal roofing system.

Our company is an experienced metal roofing system manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as aluminum alloy roofing system, insulation aluminum composite board, and PVDF coated aluminum sheet.

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