Coated Aluminum Sheet

PVDF Coated Aluminum Sheet

Our PVDF coated aluminum sheet is made of high-quality, high-strength aluminum alloy sheet. It is formed by CNC bending, molding and surface spraying of decorative coating. Our product can be widely used in building walls, interior beams, columns, and advertising billboards.

The thickness of our PVDF coated aluminum sheet is available in 2.0mm,2.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.0mm. The color can also be selected from almost 100 colors while it can also be customized as your wish. The shape also varies in plane, folded surface, curved, spherical, etc., to meet the various needs of different applications. The spray paint of our product adopts PVDF fluorocarbon coating imported from the United States PPG, Nippon Japan and other manufacturers. It is an organic coating with KYNAR-500 fluorocarbon resin, and it also owns special characteristics such as excellent weather resistance, UV resistance, acid and alkali resistance, lasting color, good adhesion, good impact resistance and coating smoothness, etc.

In addition, the overhead chain conveyor in aluminum sheet spraying production line is controlled by Japanese Mitsubishi battery to ensure the stability and reliability during the production. Meanwhile, the advanced automatic electrostatic spray gun and imported automatic reciprocating system, together with automatic intelligent program system further ensure the spray quality in electrostatic spraying. Those advanced systems could effectively avoid the shortcomings of manual spray gun. What is more, the spray booth and oven are designed and produced by professional Chinese companies. The natural gas burner is imported from Sweden Paterson, while professional pipelines are attached. Those systems feature a high thermal efficiency, fast heating, uniform temperature and zero pollution. Thus the perfection of product can be guaranteed.

Technical Specification
Our PVDF coated aluminum sheet features a bright and hard coating, for the KYNAR-500 resin in paint is greater than 70%. In addition, our product is made of high quality curtain wall aluminum plate. This plate features a flat surface, which can prevent the dust from absorption, and it is also especially suitable for panel beating and spray processing.

Our product is mainly made from lightweight aluminum. Thus its weight is quite low. Our product doesn't call for expensive load-bearing frameworks, so the construction cost is reduced. Moreover, the steel connection used in our product would not be easily damaged. Our aluminum sheet could effectively prevent the fire from spreading. In addition, it can also isolate the noise outside and maintain a relatively constant temperature. With a rich film color, our product could offer infinite possibilities for architects to build a perfect master of piece.

Aluminum Sheet Manufacturing Equipment

CNC puncher in sheet metal shop

Quality Inspection Report

Here shows the quality inspection report of our coated aluminum sheet.

SEVEN Panel is a professional coated aluminum sheet manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a variety of products, including coated aluminum coil, honeycomb core wall panel, PVDF coating marble texture aluminum panel, and more.

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