Energy Saving Window Blind

Energy Saving Aluminum Alloy Window Blind

Our energy saving aluminum alloy window blind is made by advanced CNC system. It features a good thermal and sound insulation, anti-spy, bad weatherproof, anti-mosquito and other functions. The surface of our product is treated by multiple layers of painting, thus the overall appearance is smooth, beautiful and durable. The standard length of our product is up to 6000mm, while the width can be selected from 45mm, 55mm, 77mm and 90mm. Depending on the driven method, they can be categorized into motor driven model, rocker model, and manual belt model. The standard color is white, and we could also customize the color with light gray, gray, light brown, brown, red, cream, sand and green. Our product can be used in roller shutters of villas, and commercial buildings, as well as industrial shutter doors and rolling sun roof.

In addition, our energy saving aluminum alloy window blind is made from German aluminum-magnesium alloy and formed by double rolling. Environmentally friendly foam material is used as the fill in the middle of our product. Thus our product features a good noise reduction and sound insulation. The noise reduction level meets the GB/T16730 RW standard of 20dB. Meanwhile, with the thermal insulation material inside, our product could effectively keep the indoor temperature constant to save a lot of energy. According to the department of Physics in China Academy of Building Research, the total energy savings could reach 35-45%. Meanwhile, the high-strength material also helps to play an important role in anti-theft. With the built-in anti-tamper device, our product would not be easily opened from the outside if locked.

Installation of Roller Shutter Doors and Windows

External Mounted Installation
The external mounted installation is easy and can be used in a wide range. You can install our product anytime. Since the aluminum case of our product adopts high-quality aluminum alloy, the beautiful appearance of our shutter doors and windows makes external installation a good choice for most users. Moreover, since 90% of the parts are made ​​of aluminum alloy, the service time could be more than 50 years. There are four kinds of shape, which are 90 degree square, 45 degree square, semicircular arc and 1/4 arc.

Hidden Installation
The hidden installation features an independent installation of window. The shutter is hidden inside the box thus our product can be better protected. Since 90% of the parts are made ​​of aluminum alloy, the service time could be more than 50 years. Meanwhile, surface cover, aluminum alloy plate and other materials can also be used to offer further protection. The size of box and plug-in board can be adjusted according to the thickness of wall. It is also suggested that a complete opening should be reserved to offer an easy installation and maintenance. Our product can be installed outdoors and maintained indoors.

Integrated Hidden Installation
Integrated hidden installation features an easy, accurate installation and higher performance. Since the window and window blind is combined by special equipment, the quality of the shutter can be guaranteed. Meanwhile, it also features high production efficiency and it is suitable for installation in a large area. With the hidden shutter inside the box, the final product can be well protected. Our product can be installed indoors and maintained indoors, and it is widely used in high buildings.

Driven mode


Here list the specifications of our energy saving window blind.


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