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Aluminum Alloy Window and Door

The aluminum alloy window and door are the enhanced product based on the traditional aluminum alloy windows and doors, in order to provide a better thermal insulation. Our aluminum alloy window and door are made from high-quality, high-strength aluminum as its raw material, and a reinforced nylon gutter is adopted to separate our product into two parts to shape a barrier, and to decrease the thermal conductivity. Therefore, our product features a high strength, good thermal insulation properties, good rigidity, and a long service time. The door of our product adopts surface oxide and colored composite film. This film renders our product with corrosion-resistant and additional fire resistance.

Our aluminum meets relevant standards and regulations in China. The thickness is over 1.4mm and the tensile strength reached 157N/mm2. The strength is over 108N/mm2 and the oxide film is 10 microns thick. With a full set of CNC equipment and coating production lines, the annual production of aluminum alloy windows and doors could reach 500,000 square meters. Meanwhile, we also conduct a lot of business, residential, office projects of doors and windows and other decorative works.

Our product features a beautiful appearance. The color of our product can be customized as you wish. Meanwhile, the indoor color could better match the surroundings. Even wood color can be used to provide an innovative solution to indoor decoration. Meanwhile, the weight of our product is light, the stability is strong and the mechanical strength is high. With a good plasticity, our product suffers little from deformation. The density of our product is only 1/3 of the steel. In addition, the service time of our product could reach 50 to 100 years. The maintenance of our product is also simple. Our product do not rust, does not fade, thus almost no maintenance is needed. Our aluminum alloy window and door also feature non-toxic, non-polluting and easy-recycle. Thus it is an eco-friendly product.

Meanwhile, our aluminum alloy window and door have a good sealing, wind resistance, water resistance, sound insulation and heat insulation. Wind resistance could reach 5.0pa, while air permeability could reach 7.5-4.5 m3/mh. The rain permeability is below 500 Pa, while noise reduction is of 35-40 dB. The thermal insulation value is between 2.0 and 3.0 w / mk.

Installation Guide
1) The window should be clean, flat and smooth. No scratches, bumps and fracture should occur.
2) The hardware should be correctly positioned, securely installed, and used flexibly to achieve its functions.
3) Glass seal should be in closely contact with the glass.
4) The seal should meet the standard that no obvious gap occurs when doors and windows are half closed. The seal should also be in a compressed state.
5) The glass should be flat and securely installed, no loosening shall occur. The single glazed glass shall not directly contact the material. While double-glazed glass should keep its inside and outside surfaces clean. No dust and water vapor should inside the glass while the gutter shall not tilt.
6) The sealing layer should be closely contacted with the glass. No gap should occur in the seams. The joint gap should be less than or equal to 1 mm.
7) Transom mullion should be connected to the window frame closely and sealed by caulk without shaking. The screw spacing should be less than or equal to 600 mm, while the enhanced steel should be fixed firmly with the hole.
8) The switch should be closed tightly when opening, pushing, pulling or rotating our products.

Window and Door Production Equipment

Here lists the window and door production equipment.

As an experienced aluminum alloy windows & doors manufacturer in China, we offer a wide range of products, including metal ceiling system, insulation aluminum composite board, aluminum composite panel, and more.

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