Insulation Aluminum Composite Board

Insulation Aluminum Composite Board

Our insulation aluminum composite board adopts XPS board as its base layer, covered with intermediate reinforcing layer by powerful glue and aluminum composite panel as the surface panel. Since the XPS board has excellent insulation properties thanks to the main raw material of polystyrene, the production method could also effectively prevents heat conduction.

In addition, our insulation aluminum composite board adopts a closed cell structure, which can effectively prevent the penetration of water molecules. Meanwhile, our product is made of non-hydrophilic material, thus aging hardly occurs. Moreover, the upper and lower sides of the aluminum composite panel adopt advanced PVDF fluorocarbon resin coating or single-sided anode polarization processing, which is completely ​​in accordance with AAMA standards. Thanks to the high precision roll printing technology, the coating thickness is uniform, and has a strong weather resistance. Our product not only has a great insulation, it is also environmental friendly, waterproof, lightweight, decorative, and of a long service life. Our product can be widely used in exterior wall insulation, wall decoration, packaging, furniture, advertising and other areas.

Meanwhile, we can customize our product with various color and design. We can also use other decorative layer, such as Stone, gypsum board, metal plate, curtain wall, wooden board, etc. according to your requirements.

We are a professional insulation aluminum composite board manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a vast array of products, including coated aluminum coil, metal ceilings, roll coating aluminum sheet, aluminum composite panel, and much more.

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