Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel

Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel

Product Size and Production Deviation
1. Thickness: 3mm, 4mm,5mm, 6mm
2. Standard width: 1,220mm, 1,250mm
Length: Customized; Max. 10m
3. Aluminum foil thickness: 0.3mm-0.5mm (±0.02mm)
4. Production deviations:
Width: ±2.0mm
Length: ±3.0mm
Thickness: ±0.2mm
Diagonal: <5.0mm

1. Mirror aluminum used for our mirror aluminum composite panel has uniform hardness and is suitable for complicated punch forming, bending, stretching, etc. Difficult to rupture, it has resistance to oxidation, corrosion, and high temperature.
2. Made of high-quality raw materials, our product is suitable for demanding, stable anodic oxidation surface treatment, such as chemical polishing, atomizing, chemical sanding, electro polishing, dyeing, hole sealing, and other machining.
3. Our product needs no surface pretreatment before printing and it can be punched and made into different shapes. It is highly reflective.

The mirror aluminum composite panel is used for building interior decoration, such as elevators, door frames, etc. It can also be used for signage, nameplates, decorative sheet, screening painting, and others.

Related Names
Mirror Finishing Aluminum Composite Sheet | Aluminum Composite Plate with Mirror Effect | ACP False Ceiling

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