PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel

PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel

Product Size and Production Deviation
1. Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
2. Standard width: 1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm
Length: Customized; Max. 10m
3. Thickness of aluminum foil: 0.08mm-0.6mm (±0.02mm)
4. Paint film thickness: duplex coating≥25micro; triplex coating≥32micro
5. Production deviations:
Width: ±2.0mm
Length: ±3.0mm
Thickness: ±0.2mm
Diagonal: <5.0mm

Features of PVDF Paint
The fluorocarbon or PVDF paint used for our PVDF aluminum composite panel is made out of fluorocarbon resin, pigment, and additives. It is one of the paints that provide the best performance today. As resin molecule contains the C-F bond with the highest bond energy among the organics, the PVDF paint has a number of outstanding special properties which mainly reflect in weather resistance, salt tolerance, washability, non-adhesiveness, and other aspects. The above technical indicators of the PVDF paint are multiple times of those of the ordinary paints, so it is known as the "King of Paint".

1. The PVDF paint provides good corrosion resisting property, which results from its great chemical inertness. Resistant to chemical substances like acids, bases, salts, and various chemical solvents, the paint film serves as a protective barrier for our PVDF aluminum composite panel. The protective paint film has excellent physical and mechanical performance, offering high surface hardness, high yield strength, impact and wear resistance, and more.

2. The paint is maintenance free and has self-cleaning capability. With low surface energy, good hydrophobic property (water absorption<5%), oil resistance and low friction coefficient within 0.15-0.17, the PVDF coating is extremely stain repellent.

3. The PVDF paint offers strong adhesion onto aluminum surface.

4. As the coating contains large amounts of C-F bond, the PVDF paint has ultra-strong stability and weatherability. It will not pulverize or fade and its service life is as long as 20 years. Compared with other types of paint, it has superior performance.

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