Dong E Blue Sky And Seven Color Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Address: No.20, Tailin Road, Daqiao Town, Dong E County, Liaocheng City, Shangdong Province, China.
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Contact(Director): Ellen Shi

Aluminum Building Materials Manufacturer

Dong E Blue Sky and Seven Color Building Materials Company Ltd. is a Chinese building material manufacturer and supplier for customers around the world. Since our establishment in 1996, our company has become one of the top three companies in the Chinese building material industry with annual sales up to five hundred million CNY. Our most popular products include our PVDF coated aluminum sheet, PVDF coated marble texture aluminum panel, aluminum composite panel, insulation aluminum composite board, and coated aluminum coil, to name a few. Our fine products are commonly used for manufacturing honeycomb core wall panel, aluminum alloy roof panel, and other related applications.

    1. Coated Aluminum Sheet
    2. Coated Aluminum SheetOur PVDF coated aluminum sheet is made of high-quality, high-strength aluminum alloy sheet. It is formed by CNC bending, molding and surface spraying ...
    1. Honeycomb Core Wall Panel
    2. Honeycomb Core Wall PanelAs a hard light board composite material, our honeycomb core aluminum panel features a sandwich structure. Our product is made from thin aluminum plates ...
    1. Insulation Aluminum Composite Board
    2. Insulation Aluminum Composite BoardOur insulation aluminum composite board adopts XPS board as its base layer, covered with intermediate reinforcing layer by powerful glue and aluminum ...
    1. Coated Aluminum Coil
    2. Coated Aluminum CoilOur PVDF/PE coated aluminum coil is made from 1100 H18 and 3003 H24 aluminum alloy by advanced production lines imported from Taiwan with ...
    1. Aluminum Alloy Windows & Doors
    2. Aluminum Alloy Windows & DoorsThe aluminum alloy window and door are the enhanced product based on the traditional aluminum alloy windows and doors, in order to provide a better ...
    1. Energy Saving Window Blind
    2. Energy Saving Window BlindOur energy saving aluminum alloy window blind is made by advanced CNC system. It features a good thermal and sound insulation, anti-spy ...


Our company offers excellet service and superior products at a reasonable price. So our customers could feel secured in choosing our products.

World famous companies, such as PPF and VALSPAR in US, NIPPON in Japan, have established special paint mixing centers in our company. Professonal staff ensures the quality of paint mixing throughout the entire maufacturing process. Samples not exceeding 2kg are free of charge, while samples exceeding 2kg can also be provided when the freight is covered by customers. The delivery cycle of our product is generally 10-15 days after the contract is signed and 30% payment or L/C has been received.